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Disclaimer: Digital Steam Key

Yeah Yeah Beebiss II is a retro-inspired arcade platformer featuring 100 levels across 10 unique stages. Players embark on a mission to banish evil as characters Kyonshi Hui and Jiangshi Bo, each with distinct abilities: Hui zaps foes while Bo absorbs life force. The game, a sequel to the mythical “Yeah Yeah Beebiss I,” includes challenging bosses, spikes, and relentless enemy waves. It supports local co-op, offering various controller setups. Key features include an original chiptune soundtrack, manual and box art viewer, and two playable characters.


The Legend of Yeah Yeah Beebiss I

Long ago there was legend of a new video game that had no screenshots, no reviews, no advertisements — nothing. Just a quick blurb in the back of some magazines saying it was for sale. It was never released. This is a sequel to that mythical game.

As Kyonshi Hui and Jiangshi Bo, it is your quest to banish all evil in all 100 levels – 10 original stages, including the boss — a mutated mass of pure evil. Hui prefers zapping foes while Bo prefers absorbing their life force.

Yeah Yeah Beebiss II is a new retro homebrew game created as a love letter to the whole retro game scene!

Fight your way through various platforming arcade levels and avoid obstacles such as spikes and enemies on the ground below. Use the platforms to avoid being hit and use your zap ability to defeat the enemies and raise your high score! You’ll eventually face off against bosses and never ending waves of enemies as you try to defeat one.

You can team up via local co-op and get through the levels with a little help from a friend! With controller support, you both can play in various styles of setup.

Good luck!

  • 100 Levels
  • 10 Unique Stages
  • 2 Players
  • Original Chiptune Retro Soundtrack
  • Manual and Box Art Viewer
  • Two Playable Characters

Disclaimer: Digital Steam Key

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