The Concept

The concept is simple: you must shoot your PING soldier to where the orange is placed. That is it.

But this is a puzzle game, so it won't be that easy. If you look carefully, you will notice that there is a limit of shots you can do, so use the environment to your advantage to reach the goal.

You must also consider the amount of bounces you will use, as the cubes get a lot of pain when bouncing and once you are out of these, they will die. We expect to have to sacrifice lots of cubes for our cause.

If you think you made a mistake feel free to reset the stage. Our PING soldiers are disposable, you are not.

Some of the bosses have their own rules that ignore all the puzzle levels way of playing. Tread the battlegrounds carefully.


"Ping Redux is a fantastic puzzle game that everyone should play!" 9/10 - Game Tyrant

"The value is superb and the gameplay is truly addicting." 4/5 - The Xbox Hub

"...the definitive version of the PING experience." 8/10 -