Building Our Classroom

Today's lesson we will get even more familiar with Unity3D's toolset and how to import assetpackages. These are usually acquired from Unity's Asset store and after download, you're typically granted all rights to use them however you see fit. It can really speed up development and prototyping for your games. If you try to create everything from scratch and then you find out your prototype idea was awful, you'd feel bad, huh? Well, this helps you test out ideas quickly and without much risk.

What we'll cover:
  • Importing assetpackages to save time prototyping
  • Using an editor to layout a 'scene'
  • Getting familiar with navigating 3D space

  • Resources:
  • Classroom and Character assetpackage: download here

  • Loading Your Assetpackage:

  • Drag your newly downloaded assetpackage to Unity3D's project window.
  • Click all to make sure all objects will be imported.
  • Click Import to confirm and wait for it to import.

  • Open the showcase scene:

  • Navigate to the Assets folder in the project window.
  • Double click on the showcase file that has a picture of a cube next to it.

  • Test the scene:

  • Find the play button and click on it.
  • You can use your WASD keys and mouse to move and look around.

  • Rearrange the Classroom:

    Now that we have the scene all set up and working, we are going to change the room now to your desire. Moving around the objects, rotating, and scaling them will help you get much more familiar with Unity3D.

    Click here to continue to Unity3D's Manual for information on Positioning GameObjects



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