The Future of PSIBO (PSIBO 2.0.0)

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PSIBO 2.0.0

I’m building PSIBO from the ground up with 2.0.0. I’m hyper-focused on “doing it right” so I don’t have to go through this again in the future. This means features of the game are taking quite a bit longer to build, but are, as a result, more versatile and lightweight. I’m not drastically changing the game, just the inner workings of it. Ideally, at first glance, someone wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s a new version. That being said, here’s some of what I’ve been focused on and planning for 2.0.0:

Optimizations. Unlike the optimizations I mentioned in 1.0.0, I am creating things better at first, rather than trying to optimize something afterward. This means smaller datatypes, less constantly running/unnecesary code, and smaller textures.

Better Menus. While I like how PSIBO’s main menu looks, parts of it are harder to navigate than I would prefer, so I am trying to fix that while keeping the overall feel the same.

Better Controls. PSIBO 1.0.0 just doesn’t feel snappy enough for me. I changed it to fit what people suggested, but honestly, they were wrong, it’s way too floaty. I’ve been playing a lot of older games on my CRT lately, where I have effectively no latency, input is instant. Going from that to PSIBO is particularly jarring.

New Gamemodes. There are a couple gamemodes that I could not make work with 1.0.0 as hard as I tried. There are still hurdles I have to face to get what I want in, but I’m working hard to make that happen. Yes… One of them *might* be local multiplayer.

And ~Secrets~

I have no ETA of release at the moment, but I am working hard at it, I promise!

Also, we’re still trying to bring PSIBO to Steam, we need votes on Greenlight in order to do that, so go vote if you can! It’s likely that Steam will get 2.0.0 before Wii U.


That’s it for this post about PSIBO. A lot of it may seem negative, but don’t let that prevent you from getting the game. I can’t emphasize enough that it IS a playable game, and fun too (though that’s subjective, I suppose). Plus, I benefit a lot if you get it. SO GO DO THAT!

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Have a good one!

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