PSIBO is on Steam Greenlight!


Hello! As our first post to the newly rebuilt website, we would love to remind you that PSIBO is currently on Steam Greenlight and in the process of being voted on to the platform. Please come vote and support us so you can get the game on Steam along with Nintendo Wii U this year. 😉

It did take us a while to get around to finally getting this game to the platforms that we wanted to since we announced it last year but… “life happened”. Luckily, we are back on track with more surprises to come soon too. We are starting to pick up again.

For those of you who are already planning on picking up the game PSIBO, you’ll be excited to know that Mr. Toxijuice himself has decided to start working on a pretty grand update to the game as a celebration of it releasing soon. It has been a great partnership with NAMI TENTOU and TOXIJUICE. (Us acting as publisher and helping the title get more exposure.)

We hope you enjoy it this Fall!


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